Starting Points, Inc. is a forward thinking not-for-profit Post Secondary Private Career School and Institution of Higher Education meeting the workforce needs of diverse populations in New Jersey since 1995.  The organization is comprised of two divisions: the Institute for Early Childhood Educators, and International Institute for Community Building.  The Institute for Early Childhood Educators prepares professional workers for our nation’s expanding early childhood education needs so that children are provided with high quality, developmentally appropriate care in safe, nurturing environments. Since 2013, the International Institute for Community Building has served the needs of the large immigrant population in Jersey City and the surrounding area by providing interpreting and translation services to the community.

Mission Statement. Starting Points, Inc. is dedicated to helping teachers, child care providers parents and those seeking to develop worker dispositions and skills more fully understand all factors involved in obtaining and maintaining a successful occupation.  We believe that these increased understandings will lead adults to be kinder, more respectful, and nurturing in their behavior toward children and this, in turn, will improve the quality of young children, fellow workers, and community persons’ lives.