Christina Wagner Graduation Speech

Christina Wagner Graduation Speech

It has been both a privilege and a blessing going to Starting Points. It has opened my eyes to new ways of seeing and working with children of diversity. Starting Points teachers are dedicated to showing us that we too can make a difference in the world. We worked hard through the year but in the end it was worth it and much more. We not only learned about the children we learned about ourselves.
Starting Points opened more venues for us where we can work in different fields with children. I can tell you when I went back to my job, I started creating tools for children who needed to be challenged and for children who were falling behind. From our classes I also learned how to make puppets, books, stories and poetry dedicated to our children. I now do breathing techniques with the children before we start our day.
My motto today is “See it, Feel it, Be it”. I see children not as challenges, but as spirits filled with a lot of energy that can be channeled into positive experiences. It’s up to us as teachers to make the classroom a loving and safe environment for children to live and succeed. Children don’t need to be labeled they need to be loved.
Hats off to all the graduates and my many thanks to Alice and all the teachers and staff who helped in guiding us on our journey.