National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week

What is National Apprenticeship Week?

The ApprenticeshipUSA initiative centers on a call to action to expand the use of Registered Apprenticeship to upskill our nation’s workers and expand the talent pipeline available to U.S. industries. To advance this effort, and promote the benefits of Apprenticeship for American businesses and workers, President Barack Obama will proclaim the week of November 2nd as the first annual National Apprenticeship Week.

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National Apprenticeship Week will offer leaders in business, labor, education, and other critical partners the opportunity to express their support for Registered Apprenticeship. It will provide businesses and others with top-notch apprenticeships a chance to showcase their programs, facilities, and apprentices. This historic week will highlight the benefits of the Apprenticeship model in preparing a highly-skilled workforce to meet the talent demands of employers in all industries.

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How Can I Participate in National Apprenticeship Week?

National Apprenticeship Week will consist of a multitude of events and activities nationwide to promote the expansion of the Apprenticeship model, including:

  • Apprenticeship Program Open Houses
  • Apprenticeship Signing Days
  • Industry and Employer Apprenticeship Commitment Announcements
  • Skills Competitions
  • Blogs and Social Media Activities
  • Other Outreach & Promotional Activities

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Participation in these activities will highlight the collective effort among companies, industry associations, labor unions, educators, community-based organizations, the public workforce system, and local/state/federal government to ensure the U.S. leads in developing an innovative and highly- skilled workforce through apprenticeship.

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Where can I find more Information?

Visit the National Apprenticeship Week website at www.doleta.gov/oa/naw/. Learn more about National Apprenticeship Week and find activities in your area. You can also access resources to help you host your own apprenticeship event. Lastly, we encourage you to post your events on the website to share your support for apprenticeship.

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