City Corps – Community Interpreting and Translation

City Corps – Community Interpreting and Translation

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CITY CORPS – Community Interpreting and Translation

Is a group of bilingual volunteers from the community and New Jersey City University who provide pro bono community interpreting and translation for the social service agencies and government offices of the city of Jersey City. City Corps members learn the basic skills of interpreting and translation in a 25-hour training program with a 75-hour internship.

Some of the organizations and agencies who have been assisted by City Corps are:
Rising Tide Capital
Jersey City Community Development Office
Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services
Jersey City Five Corners Library
Jersey City Board of Education (Early Childhood)

At the end of six months, City Corps volunteers will receive a certificate for the successful completion of the internship. The skills learned during this internship could lead to a professional career in interpreting and translation.

For information about the training programs, please call the International Institute for Community Building at Starting Points Tel: 201-216-1870 Ext. 2200