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Starting Points, Inc. is a forward thinking not-for-profit Post Secondary Private Career School and Institution of Higher Education meeting the workforce needs of diverse populations in New Jersey since 1995.

What Drives Us

Mission Statement

Starting Points, Inc. is dedicated to providing programs that help diverse populations seeking to develop worker dispositions and skills more fully understand all factors involved in obtaining and maintaining a successful occupation.


  • Offer programs that provide essential skills to support a productive workforce, are educationally sound, up-to-date, of high quality, and demonstrably effective through satisfied students and employers.
  • Provide effective student services that recognize individual differences and ensure successful student retention, graduation, and employability by focusing on self-awareness, cultural sensitivity and effective communication skills while remaining abreast of occupational requirements to ensure employment.
  • Maintain proper and ethical administration of all financial aspects of the institution.
  • Increase enrollment and maintain fair, ethical, and clearly stated advertising, admission, and enrollment practices by accurately and fairly representing the institution and its services to all people.
Starting Points is committed to providing quality training programs & services in the field of early care & education by:
  • Providing education and training in an innovative format focusing on the core knowledge and skills required to succeed in the high-demand field of early childhood education.
  • Remaining current and insuring the professional development of ‘best practices by using multiple feedback from each of the institution’s components: employers, students, faculty, staff, advisory groups, and third party accrediting and regulatory agencies.
  • Striking an appropriate balance between theory and research and practical application in classrooms for both adults and children.
  • Providing a highly qualified faculty and a well-planned and equipped learning environment.
  • Expecting high levels of achievement from our students, staff, faculty and administration.
  • Being committed to comprehensive assessment and continuous quality improvement.

Our Philosophy

The entire staff comprising Starting Points, Inc. is committed to the successful professional development of each student. It is the objective of the school to offer high quality advanced state of the art training as well as the development of the students’ work ethic, self-concept, and professional attitudes, dispositions, and demeanor. It is our philosophy that the school and staff succeed only when students graduate and secure employment and/or advancement in their chosen careers.

Starting Points strives to meet the changing needs of the community through the commitment of its faculty, administration, staff, advisors and students. We assist students in their career preparation by encouraging performance that meets the highest professional standards and by providing opportunities for continuous education and professional enrichment.

Our Campus