Transcript Request

Transcript Request

How to Request a Transcript

Students and alumni may request official or unofficial transcripts for prospective employers, college transfer, or for other uses.  In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy act of 1974 (also known as the Buckley Amendment), the student’s signature is required for all requests. ALL FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TO STARTING POINTS, INC. MUST BE MET BEFORE A TRANSCRIPT CAN BE RELEASED.

Request by:

  • Picking up a transcript request form from the Chief Executive Officer (Room 1)
  • Call and request a form be faxed or emailed
  • Write a letter

If you write a letter, please include the following:

  • Your name as it was when you attended Starting Points, Inc.
  • Your signature
  • Your Last four digits of your social security number (not required but highly recommended)
  • Your dates of attendance or date of completion
  • The address where you would like your transcript sent

To submit your request you may:

submit you request to the Chief Executive Officer

fax your request to 201-216-1873.

mail in your request to the address below:

Marsha Nivins
Starting Points, Inc.
2737 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07003

or  e-mail the above information to mnivins@startingpoints.edu   If a request is sent by e-mail, an attachment of a physically signed document requesting the transcript must be included–“electronic” signatures are not acceptable.

All requests should include some form of contact information (phone number, e-mail address, etc.) in case there are any questions about your request.

You may request either official or unofficial transcripts. There is a $5 fee for either type of transcript.  Both types of transcripts can be requested by using the request form.

  • Unofficial transcripts do not have the Stating Points, Inc. embossed seal, and they are stamped “Unofficial.”  After you receive your transcript, keep a copy so that you can photocopy it on an as-needed basis.
  • Official transcripts include the Starting Points, Inc. seal. The transcript is issued in a sealed envelope with a gold seal across the flap.  Official transcripts may be sent directly to students, but please note that some places will not accept a transcript as official if the envelope has been opened.

If you need an electronic copy of your transcript, you may request an unofficial copy of your transcript and have it sent to you as a PDF attachment via e-mail.  Only unofficial transcripts are available in this manner.  If you wish to have your unofficial transcript sent to you electronically, please indicate the appropriate e-mail address when you submit your request.

Please allow up to 10 business days for us to process your transcript request.  During most times of the year the processing time is faster than 10 days, but at the end of the semester the processing time may take this long because of heavy volume.  The Chief Executive Officer will make every effort to accommodate urgent requests, however it is suggested that you take in account the processing and mailing time when making a request.

If you have any questions, you may call at 201-216-1870.

This page was last modified June 13, 2017